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All about Project RPO

Produce significant outcomes in response to immediate obstacles.

In order to retain the recently acquired government grant, your organization must urgently recruit individuals to fill 50 essential positions.

What’s your plan?

One of our clients was in a similar situation and approached us for RPO project support after winning a government grant that required filling 50 crucial positions within a tight timeframe. Our team acted swiftly and managed to successfully fill all the positions within 30 days, exceeding the client’s expectations and leading to a long-term partnership between our organizations. The flexibility of project RPO enables us to provide tailored solutions to different recruitment needs, from hiring 40 salespeople in three months to filling challenging technologist roles or quickly securing a team of plant operators for a new facility. We achieve efficient and effective outcomes through the collaborative efforts of our teams in implementation, project governance, operations, and technology.

Recruitment outsourcing projects are known for their efficiency and affordability, with most projects taking only a few weeks to set up and lasting between three to twelve months on average.


How can we help you?

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Save Hiring Cost

Save most of your hiring costs by cutting down the time to hire and fire inefficient people and hiring the best way that suits the purpose of the role.

Skilled Candidates

Hire talented and professional candidates with the required skillset and knowledge of the domain. Source from the best.

Faster Hiring

Ditch the months-long hiring process and hire talented candidates in just weeks with Thinklabs & team RPO solutions.

When is project recruitment the best choice?

Targets Problem Areas

Our Project RPO solution delivers fast and efficient outcomes tailored to specific hiring needs. Our agile approach promptly addresses talent gaps, providing superior results. Utilizing Project RPO ensures efficient and timely outcomes.

Easy to Implement

At times, our organization can efficiently commence and finalize certain projects in a matter of weeks. The exact timeline for each project depends on the project’s scope, size, and complexity, and  requirements on the project.

Best Practice

Our commitment to utilizing world-class recruitment methodologies is ingrained in our project approach. It is an essential aspect of our service delivery, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest level of expertise and quality to our clients.

Data & Performance

Our services come with a comprehensive set of MI and performance metrics for each project. These metrics allow our clients to track progress and measure success, promoting transparency and accountability throughout the entire project lifecycle. This promotes transparency  throughout the entire project.

Client Confidence

We have a proven track record of delivering successful recruitment projects for clients around the world. Our extensive experience enables us to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. we deliver tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique needs

We help you make your business better.

100% Satisfaction

100s of Annual Hiring

50% Cost Reduction

Let's answer your questions!

Will you bring your own technology to the project?

The methodology employed for project delivery is contingent upon the client's current infrastructure. We possess the adaptability to employ either the client's proprietary technology platform or our own, based on the specific requirements of the client.

How long does it take to get a project started?

To put it briefly, implementing a partial RPO solution typically requires less time than a full-scale RPO solution. However, the timeline will vary depending on factors such as the project scope, size, location, and available resources.

How is a project priced?

At our organization, we understand that each project is unique, and thus, requires a pricing model that is tailored to its specific demands. To accommodate this, we offer adaptable pricing models that can be customized to suit the individual requirements of each project. Our pricing options comprise of fixed cost, transactional cost, or a combination of both. The pricing option that is chosen will be contingent upon the scope of the project, which takes into account the size, complexity, and duration of the project. For instance, a project that is short-term and less complex might be better suited for a transactional cost pricing option. Conversely, a more extensive and complicated project might require a fixed cost pricing option. We work collaboratively with our clients to determine the best pricing option for their project, and ensure that the chosen option is transparent and clearly defined, to enable our clients to budget effectively and avoid any surprises.

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