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In dynamic industries and markets, companies require adaptable talent to remain agile and competitive. Through our MSP (contingent workforce) solution, we assist companies in optimizing their contingent workforce expenditure by making intelligent and efficient use of it.


Our specialists are dedicated to optimizing your organization’s talent pool by screening and overseeing flexible workforce vendors. This grants you access to pre-vetted contractors who are ready to undertake tasks either as independent contractors or under a statement of work. Our MSP solution for Contingent Workforce regulates vendor expenses, minimizes talent-related risks, and ensures compliance with labor laws at both local and global levels.

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Save Hiring Cost

Save most of your hiring costs by cutting down the time to hire and fire inefficient people and hiring the best way that suits the purpose of the role.

Skilled Candidates

Hire talented and professional candidates with the required skillset and knowledge of the domain. Source from the best

Faster Hiring

Ditch the months-long hiring process and hire talented candidates in just weeks with Thinklabs & team RPO solutions

A Robust Talent Pipeline

Faster Hiring

Quickly tap into a pool of skilled contractors who are available for project-based work and can offer their services either as freelancers or through a statement of work.

Mitigate Risks

Our Contingent Workforce (MSP) solution helps companies reduce contingent talent risks and ensure compliance with labor laws, both locally and globally.

Reduce Costs

Our solutions are aimed at improving key performance metrics such as reduced time to source and hire, improved quality of hire, and higher new hire retention rates.


Our Rapid Response team provide solution fast and efficient filling of essential workforce requirements, providing expert talent precisely when and where it’s needed.

Data & Insights

Our solution includes workforce engagement and tracking data collection, analysis, and reporting to drive process improvements and enhance performance.

We help you make your business better.

100% Satisfaction

We deliver the best solution and provide a business strategy that makes you a full professional.

100s of Annual Hiring

Being self-confident makes you perfect for gaining success. Assuring the enhancement of inner-power.

50% Cost Reduction

Get opportunity to gain technological skills that improve the innovation funnel with new tips & tricks.

Let's answer your questions!

What is included in the contingent workforce (MSP) solution?

An MSP partner assists companies in managing their regional or global contingent workforce by offering flexible talent vendor selection, customized contingent workforce strategies, and labor law compliance expertise. They also provide flexible talent tracking, process improvements, streamlined onboarding and off-boarding, contractor management technology implementation, invoice consolidation, payroll management, and evaluation of flexible talent engagement.

When to use a managed service provider for recruitment

When an organization lacks a cohesive contingent workforce strategy, a managed service provider is the ideal solution for recruitment. An MSP can effectively address common issues related to flexible talent, such as lack of vendor oversight, increasing flexible workforce costs, labor law and regulatory compliance, and fluctuating contingent talent needs.

What is the difference between RPO and MSP?

An MSP solution is a component of an RPO solution that manages an organization's contingent workforce. While an RPO covers all aspects of recruitment, an MSP focuses specifically on optimizing the management of temporary, freelance, or contract workers. RPO partners can offer a variety of solutions beyond MSP, including permanent staff recruitment and employer branding, tailored to each client's needs.

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