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All about Enterprise RPO

An Enterprise RPO solution takes care of the entire recruitment process, from attracting candidates to conducting exit interviews. This includes screening and assessing candidates, scheduling interviews, negotiating offers, and onboarding new hires while ensuring compliance.


Our full-service RPO solution is highly versatile and can be deployed globally or within specific geographic regions, departments, or functions. We create custom solutions that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs, rather than relying on pre-existing recruitment models.


Our team is highly experienced, flexible, and passionate about delivering results. We are committed to providing the best possible recruitment experience for your organization. Choose our Enterprise RPO solution for a streamlined and efficient recruitment process.

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Save Hiring Cost

Save most of your hiring costs by cutting down the time to hire and fire inefficient people and hiring the best way that suits the purpose of the role.

Skilled Candidates

Hire talented and professional candidates with the required skillset and knowledge of the domain. Source from the best

Faster Hiring

Ditch the months-long hiring process and hire talented candidates in just weeks with Thinklabs & team RPO solutions

We help you make your business better.

100% Satisfaction

100s of Annual Hiring

50% Cost Reduction

Let's answer your questions!

What is the scope of services in an Enterprise RPO and is this flexible?

An Enterprise recruitment partnership with Thinklabs RPO is an end-to-end solution custom built for every client. Our full lifecycle recruitment strategies streamline hiring while positioning your organization for long-term hiring success. Enterprise recruitment includes: Recruitment marketing, Determining must-have skills for each role, candidate sourcing and research, Employer branding, Candidate screening and assessments, Candidate engagement, At-the-ready talent pipelining, Interview scheduling, Interviewing, Contract negotiations and Onboarding.

What additional services are available?

The scope of services can extend to employer branding, demand planning, and talent pipelining. A full RPO solution can also support: DE&I, sourcing and engagement, screening and selection, source-to-state and talent research.

How do you go about designing a solution?

For ongoing success, solution and implementation design are critical. From the start, you’ll partner with a senior strategy team to develop the right solution upfront for your organization. A change management expert will implement your service delivery solution to ensure a successful launch.

What is full lifecycle recruiting?

Full lifecycle recruiting helps your organization maintain focus on core business goals, and builds the teams that achieve those goals. The process is proactive by design and aligns every hiring decision with long-term strategic goals.

Full lifecycle recruitment keeps talent acquisition humming across a single region or across the globe so that you’re never caught at a standstill. End-to-end recruitment is a framework for seamless hiring, whether it’s sudden and high-volume or specialized and high-level.

Want to know if Enterprise RPO Solutions is the right choice for you?

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