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Our placement services will make your job-finding journey as smooth as butter and as fast as a rocket.

Use the enterprise way of finding a job!


Restructuring your resume

Adding all your information along with relevant experiences previous job roles and responsibilities for the position you’re looking for.


Rank your profile on ATS

Based on the given ATS score and recommended changes, you can update your resume to rank better on ATS.


Applying on multiple job portals

Job is applied on your behalf on top job portals based on your resume to all relevant job descriptions and companies.


Better chances of getting a job

Applying for a job using such a tool will increase the efficiency of your application and a better chance to crack the job.

How it works

The intelligent way of applying
for a perfect job

Experience the smart way of finding and applying for the best job.


Re-building your resume to rank better on ATS

Re-building your resume to tailor-fit for the position you are applying for. This helps the company to get to know better about your abilities and compatibility.


AI applying on multiple job boards on your behalf

Our AI system understands your resume precisely and carefully applies it to all the relevant jobs on multiple job portals.


Choosing right jobs as per your skill-set and requirements

Using the data from your resume and applying on multiple job portals for the best suitable job according to your requirements.


Increasing job application ratio

Escape the process of spending most of your time filtering the job instead of actually preparing for a job. increase the job application ratio with our placement services.


5x more call volume

Get 4-5x more calls for your job application after opting for our well-structured way of applying job using AI.


Securing best role for yourself

Our team is fully dedicated to landing you your dream job ASAP that too 30-40% quicker than other typical companies.

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Benefits of Applying using AI Bot

Best implications to choose the best for finding the best job for yourself.

Resume re-building

We help you to rebuild your resume and rank better on ATS. Also, we guide you tailor your resume, identifying relevant keywords, and ensuring proper formatting. We make sure to increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Auto apply jobs

Our system applies for jobs on your behalf on multiple job portals using algorithms to match skills with job descriptions, saving time and boosting the chances of an interview. However, re-building your resume will give you a further boost.

Daily assessments

It helps you prepare for interviews with sample questions to improve your skills and confidence, helping you understand what employers want. Regular practice sets you apart from other candidates and increases your chances of getting hired.

Dedicated recruiter

Our placement service provides a dedicated recruiter to help you find a job. They guide you through the process, assist with resume and interview prep, and provide insights on employer expectations, increasing your chances of finding the right job.

Daily call analytics

You can increase your chances of receiving five times more calls and provide interview analytics for feedback. We connect you with suitable employers in your job search process. This way, you can find your dream job and advance your career.

Tech support access

Our tech team offers full support for your job search needs, including technical troubleshooting, platform navigation, and resume optimization. We're dedicated to providing a seamless job search experience and helping you find your dream job.


What they say about us

Tahzeeb Khan
Tahzeeb Khan
Texas, USA
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I gotta say, Thinklabs team did an amazing job with their placement services! I was blown away by how quickly they helped me find a great job. They had a really cool method that got me a lot more calls from potential employers than I thought possible, and they even helped me get ready for interviews! Plus, the team was super friendly and professional throughout the whole process.
Florida, USA
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Wow, the placement services at Thinklabs are absolutely amazing! They helped me find a job that was just right for me, based on my skills and experience. Their approach is really unique and it even got me 4-5 times more calls from potential employers than I ever thought possible. And get this, they also cut the time it took me to find a job by 30-40%! I definitely recommend these guys.
Saritha G
Saritha G
Virginia, USA
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"I was looking for a Job very rigorously and worked with another agency for more than 2 months but with no results then I came across ThinkLabs introduced by my friend and want to give it a shot. But to my imagination, it was totally different. Recruiter's calls got increased by like 10 a day and I got an offer letter within one month. I really appreciate the efforts of Thinklabs & team, Thanks guys.
James Johnson
James Johnson
Arizona, USA
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I can't stress enough how awesome the placement services at Thinklabs are! Thanks to them, I got a fantastic job in no time at all, and their approach even got me more calls from potential employers than I was expecting! The time they saved me was priceless, and I am beyond happy with the results. So, I just wanna say a big thank you for all your help!

Most popular questions

Every job considering technical role and mostly any software/IT related job profiles can use our job placement services.

No, you don’t have to pay anything upfront until and unless you are placed in your best fit job.

You get multiple set of questions daily which cover areas like subject, interview, personality development and more that will give you confidence to grow further & better.

On an average timeline, any candidate can land in their dream job in a span of 4-5 weeks and sometimes even lesser if the candidate is potential.

Use cutting-edge AI bot to secure the best job at your fingertips.

Need any help in finding a job for yourself? Well, we are here for you!