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Effective candidate sourcing involves developing and maintaining relationships with the most talented individuals in the market, even if they are not actively seeking new opportunities.

However, this process can be challenging due to factors such as language barriers, cultural differences, and time zone disparities. Identifying and cultivating top talent requires around-the-clock effort, and attempting to do so independently can detract from other important business priorities.

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Save Hiring Cost

Save most of your hiring costs by cutting down the time to hire and fire inefficient people and hiring the best way that suits the purpose of the role.

Skilled Candidates

Hire talented and professional candidates with the required skillset and knowledge of the domain. Source from the best.

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Ditch the months-long hiring process and hire talented candidates in just weeks with Thinklabs & team RPO solutions.

Sourcing Excellence

Cost Savings

Costs associated with recruiting have been minimized through a substantial decrease in the reliance on third-party agencies.

Quality Candidates

The ability to tap into hard-to-find or inactive talent pools that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Faster Hiring

Efficiently fill specialized, high-volume, and top-level positions on a global scale with quick turnaround times.


Our sourcing capabilities can be flexibly adjusted to meet your changing business demands, whether they increase or decrease.

Data & Insights

Receive comprehensive reports on the origin of your hires, including return on investment (ROI) analysis for each recruitment channel.

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What is sourcing in recruitment?

The act of sourcing in recruitment pertains to the identification and attraction of exceptional candidates for present and future positions. Sourcing is a crucial initial phase of the recruitment process that involves in-depth research, analysis of the hiring market, and innovative methods to reach out to the best candidates available.

Candidate sourcing fine-tunes recruitment?

Acquiring multilingual talent sourcing skills is advantageous in the recruitment industry. The emergence of talent-driven hiring markets and advanced technologies has led to the evolution of talent sourcing as a recruitment service. In the past, recruiters were responsible for early-stage talent sourcing, but the current landscape requires a strategic approach. Sourcers must conduct thorough research and navigate through vast amounts of data available on job boards, social media, and professional groups. Once promising talent has been identified, sourcers shift their focus to networking and building relationships. With the help of extensive career platforms and social networks, professionals of all levels have access to a wealth of information about the job market and potential opportunities in their field, even if they are not actively seeking a new role. Through ongoing engagement and genuine communication, sourcers build pools of talented individuals who may not be actively searching for a new position but would be open to the right opportunity with the right company. These well-established connections give businesses an edge in attracting the best talent in their industry for critical roles or when hiring needs accelerate.

The benefits of sourcing in recruitment?

Sourcing is a fundamental and forward-looking approach to hiring that offers several advantages over reactive hiring, such as reduced recruitment costs and avoiding poor hires. In addition, sourcing enables faster and more efficient hiring, provides access to specialized and industry-specific talent, minimizes reliance on agencies, and offers a greater volume of high-quality talent that is readily available. Furthermore, sourcing is a flexible function that can adapt to changing market conditions and hiring demands, allowing it to accelerate or decelerate as needed.

What are sourcing strategies in recruitment?

Innovative sourcing strategies that are widely used today include talent mapping, active talent pooling, compensation analysis, sourcing technology, predictive analytics, and global sourcing with a focus on language and cultural fluency. Talent mapping involves identifying skilled professionals in a given industry and mapping them to specific roles. Active talent pooling involves building networks of potential candidates and maintaining communication to keep them engaged and at the ready. Compensation analysis involves researching competitor compensation packages and understanding candidate expectations to improve engagement rates. Sourcing technology tools can help discover and engage quality candidates, while predictive analytics can track candidate behaviors to determine their interest in changing roles, resulting in greater outreach and engagement. Furthermore, global sourcing requires a fluency in local languages and cultural understanding to recruit regional talent for a global workforce. The sourcing toolbox is constantly evolving, and effective sourcers must adapt their strategies and leverage technology creatively to meet the specific demands of companies and the evolving global hiring market.

What is the difference between sourcing and recruiting?

Sourcing and recruiting are two important talent acquisition services utilized during different stages of the hiring process. Sourcing is focused on the top of the hiring funnel, while recruiting takes over once candidates have been sourced for specific roles. Effective sourcers build talent pipelines, conduct research on industry-specific compensation packages and competitor workforces, and communicate skillfully with professionals who may have limited time and are not actively seeking new opportunities. In the past, there was significant overlap between sourcing and recruiting, with recruiters often managing sourcing responsibilities. However, sourcing has evolved into a specialized skillset that requires a unique combination of interpersonal, technical, and research skills.

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